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A Chat with ‘Hey Arnold!’ Composer Jim Lang, Who Folded Jazz into 90s Childhoods [Updated]

How 66-year-old Jim Lang went from touring with the Pointer Sisters to soundtracking the Nickelodeon show about "football head."

“I remember, as we got onto the second or third series, thinking ‘I'm going to get as weird as I possibly can'," says composer Jim Lang, talking down the line to Noisey from his house just north of San Francisco. "'I'm going to get some post-bebop Art Ensemble of Chicago weirdness into this.’ That was really fun – working with that freedom."

The TV show he’s talking about scoring isn’t—as you might expect from the reference to the seminal, skronky, and sort-of-really-quite-difficult jazz collective—a head-hurting avant-garde exercise in the fashion of Twin Peaks: The Return, or Ibiza Weekender, but Hey Arnold!, the iconic Nickelodeon animated series that charted the lives of a group of pre-pubescents who mooned around the fictional city of Hillwood.

Whether or not Lang managed to convince any of his audience to cough up some of their not-so hard-earned pocket money on records like Les Stances a Sophie, Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City, or A Jackson in Your House is neither here nor there. What he did do, over the course of five seasons of television and two movies—the second of which was the warmly-received 2017 release Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie—is subtly introduce a generation of children to jazz as an idea, jazz as a texture, jazz as a thing that exists and can be heard, felt, and embraced, even when all you’re really doing is swinging your size three feet off the edge of a sofa, eating Smarties and trying to ignore the funny feeling that does backwards somersaults in the pit of your stomach every time Helga Pataki appears on screen.

The cartoons we watch as children follow us into both adolescence and adulthood like benign giants of an inner landscape, and they do so because they arrive at a point in our lives where our capacity for innocence is matched only by that of the possibility of osmosis. The child is a sponge. That sponge will eventually find itself irradiated by hormones, as puberty chucks an obsidian bowling ball down the alley of the self and it all goes to hell. But before that, and after the swaddled infantility of infancy itself, there’s a sweet spot where the world of stimulation is all there is. And it is in that sweet spot that cartoons really matter.

As an artform, the cartoon, from SpongeBob SquarePants through to Family Guy, revels in the illusory. It is both patently unreal—roosters can’t talk, cats cannot sustain multiple thwacks around the head with frying pans, and the citizens of Springfield aren’t really banana-yellow—and the result of an unfathomable amount of human work. In offering a space that mingles reality and unreality with such fluidity, cartoons are almost limitless in scope. They can be adult and humdrum (King of the Hill), kitschily-optimistic (The Jetsons) or painfully sad evocations of love and loss, As Told By Ginger Foutley, and by a bunch of dinosaurs (The Land Before Time).

“The characters in that show experienced things that were uncomfortable," Lang says, of the program that made him his name. "They had unhappy moments. They didn't live in a perfect world." That might explain why Hey Arnold!’s theme tune is now, 20 years on from original transmission, an almost Proustian object, instilling a sense of both calm—the almost embryonic time before responsibilities and banking apps—and unease, at the memory of the titular lead character’s strange life. A life shared with a toothless grandad, an eccentric grandmother, a life spent avoiding bullies, a life as oddly average in its not-quite-rightness as more of us experience than we’d like to admit.

How did Lang get the job as composer for Hey Arnold! in the first place? A former touring member of the Pointer Sisters, Todd Rundgren-collaborator, string-arranger, and songwriter, he found himself swapping life on the stage for life on-screen in the mid-1980s. After agreeing with his wife that spending most of his working life on tour wasn’t necessarily going to be conducive to conducting a lasting and healthy marital relationship, the 66-year-old found himself peering in new musical directions.

A friend of Lang’s was producing what he calls “visitor videos” for various minor cities in the US. These local presentations played in hotel rooms, information reels for frustrated businessmen to endure as they waited for a knock on the door and a Cobb salad. “I asked what they did for music for those things and he said, 'Oh we use these music libraries.' They paid a couple hundred bucks for every film. So I said I'd do it for $150.”

This led to working on soundtracks for General Motors trade shows, which in turn saw him establishing contact with the animator Craig Bartlett. Bartlett would go onto create Hey Arnold!, but at the time had more pressing concerns. “Craig was locked up in a warehouse in Osaka trying to program industrial robots to do the Funky Chicken.” This, Lang explains, wasn’t for purely recreational reasons, with Bartlett finding himself secluded in deepest Japan at the behest of consumer electronics behemoth Toshiba.

A few years down the line however and Bartlett found himself story editing the much-loved animated series Rugrats. Off the back of that he pitched Hey Arnold! to Nickelodeon in 1993 and a pilot was ordered for the following year. Bartlett then reached out to his musical collaborator and asked for a helping hand. With a pilot made, the show was picked up, went into production, and premiered eight months later. “That,” Jim Lang says with smile, “was rather fortuitous.”

What wasn’t fortuitous is the fact that two decades after the show went to broadcast, readers of a certain age will be able to conjure up its jaunty, jazzy theme tune. The squiggly horns, shuffly percussion and occasional bleats of “HEY...ARNOLD,” are as easy to access as the taste of crustless ham sandwiches. In fact, the reams and reams of incidental compositions that Lang wrote for the show are, in their own subtle way, an easily-swallowable crash course in jazz. It is evident from speaking to him that his interest in the form, and more importantly wanting to interest another generation of malleable youngsters, stemmed from his own upbringing.

“There were a lot of jazz records in the house, even if my father didn't play them all the time,” he tells me. An accidental encounter with George Gershwin’s stirring 1924 number “Rhapsody in Blue,” which you may remember from Woody Allen’s Manhattan, was the beginning of a life-long love affair.

That sense of chance is important when it comes to considering how a medium like television can open up other cultural avenues. Jazz, of course, isn’t the easiest sell to most adults, let alone children more used to Dave Benson Philips than Dave Brubeck. “Some jazz aficionados really pride themselves on thinking they have an understanding of the more extreme, obscure aspects of the form,” he says. “They're what we call jazzholes.”

Despite not thinking of himself as a jazz musician—"jazz musicians are dedicated and studious and practice a tremendous amount and know a tremendous amount about their craft and I'm just a self-taught ham and egger,”—it is undeniable that his soundtrack work, inspired by the likes of Oliver Nelson, Wes Montgomery and Astrud Gilberto, has made jazz feel approachable to millions of viewers.

More than that, it was the perfect soundtrack to a television show that dared to treat its young audience with honesty, seriousness and respect. “For me it was an opportunity to write some pretty emotional music, and those moments resonated with people now and then,” Lang says. “We did a Christmas special where Mr Hyunh, one of the characters in the boarding house, finds his long-lost daughter, who he got separated from when they evacuated Saigon. That's pretty deep, steep stuff, for a kids cartoon show, right?”

Dennis the Menace, it wasn’t.

eOne Names Jazwares Master Toy Partner For 'Peppa Pig' In Germany, Austria And Switzerland; Announces 'Peppa Pig Land' Deutschland

Entertainment One (eOne) has tapped Jazwares as master toy partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GAS) for its hit preschool property Peppa Pig, which is also getting a new theme park in the region!

Jazwares is developing a extensive line of branded figures, playsets and feature plush that will hit shelves in September 2018, ahead of the Christmas and Back to School seasons. Super RTL is handling the consumer products rollout in addition to supporting the brand as the key broadcaster.

New Peppa Pig episodes from series 7 are poised to air on Germany’s leading children’s broadcast channel, Super RTL, in March 2018.

Further fuelling demand for licensed merchandise, eOne’s global attractions partner, Merlin Entertainments, recently announced plans for Peppa Pig Land, the first ever Peppa Pig attraction to launch in Germany.

Opening at Merlin’s Heide Park Resort in Lower Saxony, Germany in March, Peppa Pig Land will be a fully branded in-park themed area designed specifically for pre-school fans of the show. The new attraction will allow families to explore six themed scenes, participate in meet and greets with characters Peppa and George and experience a on-site Peppa Pig gift shop as well as three specially designed rooms at the Heide Park Adventure Hotel. Local network Super RTL will also support the launch.

“We’re excited to have Jazwares on board as the master toy partner for Peppa Pig across the GAS region,” said Ami Dieckman, eOne’s senior VP of international licensing for Family & Brands. “With Super RTL bolstering broadcast and Merlin readying the brand’s first German theme park attraction, we have an incredibly strong foundation to build a consumer products program and we look forward to taking the property to new heights.”

Hendrik Rinsche, the head of merchandising and licensing at Super RTL, added: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Peppa Pig on board now, both for content and CP business. eOne has established a billion-dollar franchise all over the world, and our objective now is to bring the international success of Peppa to the German-speaking territories. Thanks to high-quality programming Super RTL is by far the most popular TV channel among kids in Germany, and our combination of cross-media platforms means the Super RTL licensing agency guarantees high-coverage brand-building.”

eOne has also partnered with European market leaders including Simba for outdoor toys, Ravesburger for games and puzzles and Character World for home and bedding, with all partners launching from September.

In additional news, Peppa Pig recently won two awards at Kidscreen Awards 2018, winning the "Best Directing" and "Best Voice Talent" awards in the "Creative Talent Category"! Additionally, the "Hey Duggee: We Love Animals" app, inspired by the BBC's popular animated preschool series that airs on Nick Jr. USA, also won the "Best Game App—Branded" award in the "Digital, Preschool" category!

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Sources: TVKIDS, Toy World, License! Global, (II).
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Character World Launches Exclusive Children's Teepee Range; Redan To Launch 'Fun To Learn Friends Art' Magazine For Preschoolers

Licensed textiles and homewares specialist Character World has extended its product range with a exclusive new line of licensed teepees for kids to immerse themselves in the colourful worlds of Nickelodeon's smash hit preschool series PAW Patrol, as well as Disney's Star Wars and Disney Princesses!

The Manchester-based international textiles business has designed and produced the unique branded Teepee range, now available at retailers across the UK, including JD Williams, Amazon and Littlewoods.

“We are hugely excited to introduce our new licensed Teepee range to the market," said Tim Kilby, brand director at Character World. "As a business we are always keen to introduce new and exciting products and extend our offering to meet and exceed consumers’ needs."

The Teepee range joins Character World’s extensive offering of children’s bedding and accessories, including single and double duvet sets, fleece blankets and cushions.

“The fun and eye-catching Teepee designs will be a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom – they really are ideal little secret hideaways for learning and play,” added Kilby.

Founded in 1998, Character World works with some of the world’s leading entertainment companies. It supplies retailers across the UK including Asda, Next, Tesco and John Lewis; as well as a range of major European retailers.

Palatine Private Equity backed Character World in a secondary management buyout in December 2014.

Tim Kilby, brand director at Character World, said: “We are hugely excited to introduce our new licensed Teepee range to the market. As a business we are always keen to introduce new and exciting products and extend our offering to meet and exceed consumers’ needs.

“The fun and eye-catching Teepee designs will be a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom – they really are ideal little secret hideaways for learning and play.”

In additional news, Redan has launched a brand-new preschool art magazine!

Fun To Learn Friends Art (FTL Friends Art) is aimed at boys and girls aged 3-7 years and will include a 40 page magazine packed full of simple art and craft activities, and will feature popular preschool characters, such as Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly and Paw Patrol. There will be a pull-out card activity in the centre of each issue and a giant sticker sheet to encourage greater interactivity throughout. Each issue also comes with a specially designed craft gift that links to an activity to make inside.

Launching on Wednesday 14th March 2018, Fun To Learn Friends Art will have an initial print run of 60,000 and will be on sale every four weeks. It will retail at £3.99 and will be available from all major supermarkets and newsstand retailers.

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Sources: ToyNews, Preschool News, Toy World Magazine.
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Geena Davis Talks Mascots And Media Representation At Kidscreen Summit 2018

Following the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media's recent study on how gender is represented in brand mascots, the Oscar winner can never look at product packaging the same way again - and she’s hoping for the same reaction from the kids business, too.

Geena Davis probably buys the same cereal as you.

But unlike the general population, the Hollywood star has a key understanding of what’s behind the box’s mascot—and the spokespeople or spokescreatures used to hawk more than 500 top-selling products in the US, for that matter. That’s because the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, together with food and beverage manufacturer The Jel Sert Company, recently conducted a study on how gender and race are represented in brand mascots. Davis says she can never look at product packaging the same way again, and now she’s hoping for the same reaction from the marketing and entertainment industry.

Among the Mascots Matter: Gender and Race Representations in Branding findings presented by Davis at this years Kidscreen Summit keynote in Miami is the fact that male characters outnumber female characters two-to-one (67.1% compared to 31.4%). Female mascots are more likely to be presented as gender stereotypes than male ones (25.45% compared to 15.9%), and male mascots are seven times more likely to be shown as funny. They’re also more likely to be shown as being more active than their female counterparts (48.4% compared to 43.4%).

Like representations in film, television and other forms of mass communication, gender and race representations in the images seen in brand advertising send subtle messages about which individuals have the authority to confirm value on a product, according to Davis, and those messages are especially poignant when it comes to how kids self-identify.

“We are interested in the way females are portrayed in all forms of media that reach kids,” Davis says. “We primarily focus on film and TV for children under the age of 11, since that’s still their main entertainment source. But mascots for consumer goods were something that had never really been examined or researched before, and they’re a big part of kids’ lives.” Mascots Matter surveyed 1,096 character representations—from humans and humanoids, to animals and other creatures—across grocery, household and personal care products.

“The mascot study findings tell a similar story to what’s happening in the world of commercial entertainment, in that there’s a two-to-one ratio of male to female representation,” Davis says. The issue of race, too, is also hard to ignore. Among racial/ethnic minorities, Latino characters constitute 8.2% of mascots, followed by Black (2.9%), Native American/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (2.2%), Asian (1.2%) and Middle Eastern (1.0%) mascots. “Kids are not seeing people who look like them in the characters their exposed to,” Davis adds. “For example, white mascots are more active and family-oriented. And this study reflects previous research we’ve done on media representation.”

The Academy Award-winning actor’s past research led her to present at Kidscreen Summit in 2016 in a keynote address entitled “If She Can See It, She Can Be It.” (This year’s keynote, “Marketing to Boys and Girls: New research from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media,” was moderated by Wind Dancer Film and Television president Dete Meserve.) Davis was initially inspired to launch the institute that bears her name in 2004, after she saw the children’s entertainment world through the eyes of her daughter, who was a toddler at the time.

“I was appalled that so many more male characters were being made to entertain the youngest of kids in the 21st century,” Davis recalls. “This area is profoundly urgent to acknowledge because we are training kids from the beginning to form an unconscious gender bias.” To be sure, Davis—whose own acting credits include unconventionally strong female leads in films like A League of Their Own and TV’s Commander in Chief—acknowledges that strides have been made to ensure children’s entertainment, in particular, is more inclusive.

Clyde McBride with his parents, Harold and Howard in Nickelodeon's The Loud House

Female empowerment has infiltrated a crop of toons like Nickelodeon’s Nella the Princess Knight, which premiered last year, as well Disney’s Elena of Avalor (which recently partnered with Girls Scouts for a leadership initiative) and long-running preschool series Doc McStuffins. DHX Media’s Rainbow Ruby, meanwhile, can transform into various forms to help her toy friends. Gender roles and sexual orientation in general are being portrayed differently, too. In 2016, for example, Nickelodeon’s hit series The Loud House introduced the kids network's first married gay couple, while Cartoon Network’s current series Clarence included a lesbian couple and a gay kiss. Disney Channel also featured its first gay main character on season two of Andi Mack last October.

“It helps that everyone is more aware. It’s been of paramount importance all along, but now society is realizing that something has to be done. But we still have so much work to do,” Davis says. “Marketers need to be exposed to our research, and so we take our findings directly to them and present things in a private way. And that usually does a lot of the talking for us. We have yet to leave meeting when one person doesn’t say we changed the outcome of their project in some way.”

Davis says the needle continues to move in the right direction when it comes to kids TV, and expects dramatic changes in terms of female representation to take form within the next 10 years. “On-screen media is one area of gross gender inequality that can be fixed overnight,” she says. “It’s so easy to solve the problem. There’s no reason not to make kids entertainment—especially preschool content—more gender balanced, since boys and girls are watching the same things at this age.”

As for the products and marketing messaging to which this same demo is exposed regularly, Davis is optimistic that change will be in the air—and on shelves—eventually, too. “It’s so important to know this research,” Davis says. “And once you’re aware, it’s something you can’t unsee.”

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GLAAD Calls For More LGBTQ Characters In Children's TV

Together with panelists from Nickelodeon, PBS KIDS, Marvel and Disney, GLAAD's CEO spoke about the importance of LGBTQ representation in kids TV during a groundbreaking Kidscreen Summit session.

From Nickelodeon’s hit animated series The Loud House to popular Disney Channel series Andi Mack, representation of LGBTQ characters in children’s television has come a long way. But according to GLAAD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sarah Kate Ellis, who represented the US-based advocacy group at this years Kidscreen Summit session entitled “Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Content for Kids,” more story lines featuring inclusive and diverse LGBTQ characters should be making their way onto screens—and into children’s lives.

These sentiments were echoed by fellow panel presenter Chris Nee, executive producer of Disney’s Doc McStuffins and Vampirina, who said, “Adult dramas and comedies are finally in 2018. But kids TV has been stuck in 1994 for a long time. Maybe we’ve shifted a bit…and are finally in 1995.”

Moderated by Cort Lane, Senior Vice President (SVP) of animation and family entertainment at Marvel Entertainment, the session—the first of its kind at Kidscreen Summit—also included The Loud House staff writer Kevin Sullivan, PBS KIDS programming Vice President (VP) Linda Simensky, and Andi Mack creator and producer Terri Minsky.

Clyde McBride with his parents, Harold and Howard in Nickelodeon's The Loud House

These panelists have created major moments in children’s television over the past couple of years, including Sullivan, who wrote two scenes for The Loud House that featuring gay dads (July 2016) and a Loud sibling having a crush on another girl (June 2017), Nee’s Doc McStuffins episode that came out in August 2017 featuring Portia de Rossi and Wanda Sykes as a gay couple, and Minsky, who crafted a scene during Andi Mack that saw main character Cyrus coming out to his friends in October 2017.

Lane is in the midst of writing a storyline for Marvel Rising where one character comes out to her friends at dinner, even though she has conservative Muslim parents. And he is excited about how that will play out on screen and in conversations people have about the show.

Luna Loud in Nickelodeon's The Loud House

Of course, these strides in kids television have not been lost on GLAAD, which for the first time is introducing a kids and family category in its annual GLAAD Media Awards. This year’s five nominees are The Loud House, Nickelodeon; Steven Universe, Cartoon Network; Danger & Eggs, Amazon Studios; “The Emergency Plan,” Doc McStuffins, Disney Channel; and Andi Mack, Disney Channel. (Award winners will be announced at a ceremony on April 12.)

Ellis believes that if more LGBTQ-inclusive content continues to be made, the group’s awards could expand to include multiple categories like teen, tween and preschool. And as Lane noted, GLAAD’s awards can be an incentive for broadcasters and executives to include more of these stories.

The motivation should also be toward helping kids cope with their own identities. Ellis said that in terms of raw numbers, LGBTQ kids have higher suicide and homeless rates than other youth, and more representation on TV can really change how these young people view themselves. Plus, television can reach places that advocacy groups can’t.

As for backlash from conservative groups opposed to LGBTQ representation in children’s television, Ellis said GLAAD has strategies in place to support producers and broadcasters airing this important and necessary content. “We’ve got your back,” she promised.

Also, from C21 Media:

GLAAD urges more LGBTQ progress

The head of LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD has called on children’s producers to include more LGBTQ characters in their series and pledged to help them rebuff any backlash from conservative groups.

Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD’s CEO, told delegates here at the Kidscreen Summit in Miami yesterday that the growing number of US children’s series featuring characters from an LGBTQ background was vital at a time when “human rights are under attack.”

Kate Ellis acknowledged that shows such as Doc McStuffins and Andi Mack had provoked protests from US conservative advocacy groups after they included LGBTQ characters.

Doc McStuffins featured an episode with two lesbian parents, while Andi Mack included a storyline in which a male character revealed to his best friend that he has feelings for his male classmate.

Kate Ellis said that children’s TV producers and broadcasters including LGBTQ characters could improve attitudes towards homosexuality in society and potentially reduce rates of suicide, homelessness and unemployment amongst the LGBTQ community.

The exec added that GLAAD would be willing to help those who were concerned about a negative backlash from groups opposed to LGBTQ characters in children’s television.

“We have your back when you go out there. Bring us in early; we’re happy to consult and give you our opinions on how best to handle it and then we get ahead of the press. We’ve done it with Disney many times,” said Kate Ellis.

“If, for some reason, it takes a wrong turn, we’ll be there for that as well and navigate the narrative and counter it quickly. That’s what we do for a living.”

It comes after the advocacy organisation last month announced it had added a new category to its annual Media Awards that would celebrate kids and family programming for the first time.

Nominated in the category are Andi Mack (Disney Channel), Doc McStuffins (Disney Junior), The Loud House (Nickelodeon), Steven Universe (Cartoon Network) and Danger & Eggs (Amazon), which is the first children’s animated series to be co-created by an openly transgender person, Shadi Petosky.

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Daan Creyghton Chats 'Hunter Street' Season 2 [Updated]

If you are a fan of comic and adventure series, you’ll definitely know about Nickelodeon's Hunter Street. First premiered on 11th March, 2017, the show revolves around five kids and their quest to find their foster parents who go missing after newcomer Max spends his first night with his new family. Hunter Street is one of the top five shows year-to-date with K6-11 across all TV.

Credit: Sanna Zoe Prins

The show has returned on Nickelodeon for the second season, and to celebrate, CelebMix got a chance to talk to Daan Creyghton who plays Sal in the Hunter Street! 15-year old Creyghton plays a nerdy, big-hearted guy who helps his siblings in their quest through his knowledge of computers.

CelebMix talked to the actor about his role, changes and developments in the new season and much more. Check out the complete interview below!:

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I am 15 years old, I have 3 older sisters and one younger brother. I was born in Amsterdam and when I was 8 years old we moved to Ross, Marin County in California. I loved living in California. We moved back to Amsterdam in 2014 and since then I am living here with my parents, my sister Floor and my little brother Tom. My sisters Lara and Roos, study abroad. I attend the International School of Amsterdam and am in grade 9. My favourite subjects at school are Drama and Individuals & Societies. What I love to do most while I am not acting or at school is chill with my friends, play basketball and look for cool sneakers/outfits.

You have just embarked on the journey of acting and the audience loves you as Sal on Hunter Street. When did you decide that you wanted to become an actor?

When I was 6 years old, I went with my sister Lara to a photoshoot. They asked me if I wanted to do a shoot as well and if they could sign me up at the casting agency. After that day, I did some commercials and I liked playing in them. I loved being on set-in front of the camera and loved dressing up and playing a character different than mine. While we lived in California, I took some acting classes and I was hooked.

Credit: Sanna Zoe Prins

Do you have your favourites when it comes to acting? If yes, who is your favourite actor/actress and why?
Yes!!! I think Ansel Elgort is a very talented and stylish actor who can play every kind of role. Next to that, I admire Kevin Hart. He is so funny and has a great style.

Congratulations for Season 2 of Hunter Street. The new season has just started. How has the audience’s response been up to now?

Thank you! The response of the audience has been amazing so far based on the Instagram and Facebook posts. They will write things like “can’t wait for the next episode”, “this was so amazing” and so on. We are lucky with our fan base. Their support means the world to me. Thanks to them I can do what I love most.

Season 1 ended with an intriguing cliff-hanger. What can fans expect from Season 2?

A lot! New siblings, new secret rooms, more intense mystery, more humour, more adventure. Erik (the foster father) has been framed for a crime. The kids know for sure he could not have done it and try to find out who is framing him, and they want to clear his name. To find this out, they go on exciting adventures.

Did you have an idea about the plotline before you received the script?

I was totally clueless. The only thing I knew was that I was playing Sal and he is the brains of the family. Even when we were taping they were still writing and changing the script. At the table reads (that’s where we read together through the script of the next episodes) it’s a surprise what would happen next. That made the table reads more fun.

It seems that you share a great chemistry with your co-starts. What according to you is the best part of working with Hunter Street’s cast?

They are all talented and fun people to work with. Since we are different ages it feels like a real family with older brothers/sisters who look out for the younger ones on and off set. We created a what’sapp group we use when we finished filming. We tell each other about special things, give each other advice and just chat. It feels really natural. I think what is super cool is that everyone supports each other and shows that we are proud of each other. We also prank each other which makes that it is very lively on set. We dance and sing on set a lot together during the breaks. They really feel like my second family.

What aspects of your character Sal, do you admire the most?

I like that he is always so positive and that he will do anything for his family. Apart from that, he is super smart and has a solution for everything.

Considering Hunter Street is a comedy series, can fans expect a development in Sal’s character in the new season?

There will be a development in Sal’s character. He is growing up in the series. There will be a new storyline where Sal meets someone like him who he kind of starts to like along the way. What doesn’t change is that Sal is still a little naive which will lead to comedic situations.

Daan, we read that you love playing basketball. Is it difficult to manage work, school and basketball?

I used to play on the school basketball team. So, no competitive basketball anymore but what is great about basketball is you don’t need a lot to play so you can play it almost everywhere. When I hang out with friends we will play on the street or in back- or front yards at homes. As soon as I come home after school, I will take a ball and go outside to throw some hoops with my brother, the neighbours or some friends. There is always someone around to play with.

Would you like to share with us your plans or future projects for 2018?

At this moment, I don’t have a specific project but hope I will land a role in a cool project soon. Of course a third season of Hunter Street would be amazing. As soon as I have a new project I will let you know for sure!

So, have you watched Hunter Street? Who is your favourite character from the show? Share your thoughts with NickALive! in the comments below!

Also, from

HUNTER STREET Scoop: Shining The Spotlight On Daan Creyghton

Bringing his vivacious spirit to Nickelodeon’s family series HUNTER STREET, Daan Creyghton has delighted fans and is building a strong career as a young actor on the rise. In an exclusive interview, Daan talks about the fun he is having working on HUNTER STREET and what he thinks it takes to pursue a career as a working young actor in Hollywood today.

What initially appealed to you about portraying Sal and working on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: It was my dream since I was six years old to act in a show and how cool is it if you can act in a Nickelodeon show?! To be honest, in the beginning, the character I played was less important in the show. When I got the first scripts, I would say the thing I liked most about Sal is that he is the total opposite of me—I love challenges so playing him is a great challenge.

How would you describe who Sal is?
DAAN: Sal is a super smart, funny, outgoing techie who has a solution to almost everything and adores his family. He is always up for an experiment and invents helpful gadgets. He can be a little naïve sometimes. Sal is the “brains” of the family.

What do you most admire most about Sal?
DAAN: That he always has a positive attitude, never gives up, and will do anything for his family.

What was it like working alongside the talented ensemble on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: It was amazing to work so closely with this super talented ensemble. But not only are they talented, they are super nice and funny people as well. We are all very close and have a great bond together. They really feel like my second family. We have our own WhatsApp group where we ask each other advice and just chat. After filming, I really miss seeing them every day.

Any favorite scenes that you can share from working on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: There are so many great scenes. I would say in season one, my favorite scene was the boat scene where we were boating through the canals of Amsterdam. That was so cool. In the second season, of course I can’t spill anything, but the days we were filming in the castle were really fun and special—also quite cold. It was snowing, which made the beautiful castle even more breathtaking.

What has been your favorite part about working on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: Acting is what I love to do most so be able to film for 4 months in a row was amazing. But apart from that, seeing all these wonderful people every day makes working on HUNTER STREET really fantastic. What makes HUNTER STREET special, in my opinion, is that we shoot on so many different locations in and around Amsterdam so it never gets boring.

What surprised you the most working on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: Playing Sal in HUNTER STREET is my first big acting role, so what surprised me in the beginning is how many people are involved in just one little scene and the patience and kindness they show toward us, even if it’s take 33!

Then, as an actor, what has been the one thing you have taken away from the experience of working on HUNTER STREET?
DAAN: I would say be prepared and step in the shoes of your character are the things I learned most from playing Sal, among more general things such as: being on time, be creative, collaborate, and so on. Since Sal is the opposite of me, I spent a lot of time thinking about how Sal would react and think in the different situations. How he would move and say his lines. It really helped me to be well prepared—when I was ready to go on set I just could let it go and see what happened.

As the show enters its second season, what can you share about what fans can expect for Sal, Daniel, Anika, Tess and Max? What kinds of adventures await them this season?
DAAN: Sal is still growing up during the series. He still has to use his tech skills to help solve the mysteries and someone outside the family is there to help him, he will become more social. Daniel is working and, in that way, he helps to save his family. Anika is happy to become one of the older siblings and there are a lot of funny situations she is facing and/or creating. Tess becomes the responsible sibling and still loves books, which helps with solving the mysteries. Max is still the goofy sibling and goes on an adventure, which involves his birthparents.

Which character on the show do you think has the toughest time this season and why?
DAAN: I think Evie, who is played so well by Kate. She just joined a family she never met before, is scared to have to live in a new house, and doesn’t know what to expect.

Have you gotten to meet any of the show’s fans? What was that experience like?
DAAN: YES! Thomas and I met fans on the set and it was so great to see how they loved being showed around. We hid and they didn’t expect to meet any of us. I will never forget the look on their faces when we jumped out. Priceless. They were so exciting about HUNTER STREET and asked tons of questions. Really fantastic to see how happy they were to meet us.

Then what are the perks of where you are in your career right now?
DAAN: I would say that people in the business slowly get to know my name and that that hopefully will lead to a new role in another cool project soon. Also, it is really nice to get to know the other members of the Nickelodeon family.

Has there been any great advice you have gotten about working as an actor?
DAAN: The best advice I got is that the competition is huge in the acting world so keep trying and never give up, believe in yourself and your instincts.

What advice would you offer to other upcoming and aspiring actors?
DAAN: Enjoy life. Never give up! You can do this! Just be patient and believe in yourself!

Do you have any other upcoming projects that you can share that fans should keep an eye out for?
DAAN: At this moment no, but who knows what is happening in the coming months? I will keep my fans posted that’s for sure!


Watch Hunter Street season two weeknights at 7:00pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon USA! Catch up now at and the Nick App for more Hunter Street!

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Originally published: Friday, February 09, 2018.
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Powerhouse Series 'PAW Patrol' Debuts Today on NOGGIN, Nickelodeon’s Preschool Subscription Service

Original Nickelodeon USA Press Release via




All-New Educational Play-Along Videos from Blaze and the Monster Machines,

Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi also Added to NOGGIN’s Lineup

Powerhouse Series PAW Patrol Debuts Today on NOGGIN

NEW YORK–Feb. 22, 2018– Nickelodeon is setting up NOGGIN, its top-ranked video subscription service for preschoolers, for even more growth in 2018 with the launch of the first two seasons of the hit series PAW Patrol (produced by Spin Master Entertainment) and brand-new science and reading hubs featuring original short-form content on the app, beginning today. In the last six months, NOGGIN has grown its library by over 40% with the addition of interactive, curriculum-based play-along videos and new library titles including Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig.

In addition to PAW Patrol, NOGGIN will further expand its library to more than 1,500 full-length, on-demand episodes in the coming months with the introduction of: Max & Ruby and Peter Rabbit; all-new, interactive play-along library episodes from Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi; and new episodes from existing titles Twirlywoos, Miffy and Friends, Trucktown and Go, Diego, Go!. As NOGGIN’s user base continues to grow, Nickelodeon will be adding even more new library content and educational play-along videos to its content slate later this year.

NOGGIN’s play-along videos allow preschoolers to engage with their favorite characters by tapping, touching, swiping or speaking to navigate through enhanced educational experiences that promote science, technology, engineering, math and social-emotional skills—all while having fun every step of the way. To date, Nickelodeon has launched 54 play-along videos from top-performing library episodes Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.

Since its launch in February 2015, NOGGIN has consistently ranked at the top of the charts in the Family and Kids categories, and it’s one of the Top 10 Kids Apps on the Free Apps chart on the App Store, in addition to being the number-one grossing app for Music and Video in the Family Category on Google Play. NOGGIN was also selected by Apple as an Apple TV app of the year.

Currently in its fourth season, PAW Patrol, produced by Spin Master Entertainment, follows a pack of heroic rescue pups– Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker –who are led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder. Together, they work hard to show the people of Adventure Bay that “no job is too big, no pup is too small!” The series features a curriculum that focuses on citizenship, social skills and problem-solving.

NOGGIN is an ad-free, video subscription service that features over a thousand iconic, full-length library episodes, short-form videos, educational content, music videos featuring preschoolers’ favorite Nickelodeon characters, and more, with new content added weekly. Currently available for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Fire tablet and Roku devices, NOGGIN has 33 series to date including the recently added Dora the Explorer, Zack & Quack and Peppa Pig. Additional titles in the NOGGIN lineup include Yo Gabba Gabba!, Trucktown, Miffy and Friends, Teletubbies, Blue’s Clues, Go, Diego, Go!, Franklin, The Backyardigans and Pocoyo.

# # #

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Additional source: Business Wire.
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Thomas & Friends | Official Teaser | Coming Soon to Nickelodeon USA!!

When it comes to BIG adventures, there’s one engine who’s always number ONE! Thomas the Tank Engine is chugging on over to Nickelodeon and he’s bringing all his friends along!

Catch Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, and more cartoon characters in Thomas & Friends—the newest cartoon, coming this March to Nick Jr.! Get excited for all the TRAC-TION before it's on television by watching this sneak peek Thomas & Friends teaser!

To find more Nick Jr. videos, games, full episodes, and a collection of kids’ songs, visit the FREE Nick Jr. App or go to

Watch Thomas & Friends, weekdays on Nickelodeon:

Preschoolers can watch full episodes online, play games, and discover silly surprises in the free Nick Jr. App and at iTunes | Google Play | Amazon.

Stream Nick Jr. for free in the Nick Jr. App on Roku and Apple TV or download full episodes for offline viewing on iTunes or Google Play:

You can also download premium apps featuring your child's favorite Nick Jr. shows on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Draw and Play: iPhone | iPad | Google Play (Phone) | Google Play (Tablet) | Amazon

Nick Jr. Let’s Learn: iPhone | iPad

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Lizzy Greene: Then & Now | Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Nickelodeon

Everyone loves Lizzy Greene! From playing quad-leader Dawn Harper to being Nick’s resident fashion icon, Lizzy is an awesome member of the Nick family! Check out Lizzy Greene then and now! And catch more Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn on Nickelodeon! Tell Nick your FAVORITE Lizzy moment in the comments on YouTube!

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Ricardo Hurtado's 'Don’t Think Twice' Official Music Video | School of Rock | Nickelodeon

You don't need to think twice about checking out this awesome ballad from Ricardo Hurtado (Freddy)! And, of course, he gets support from the rest of School of Rock with Breanna Yde (Tomika), Lance Lim (Zack), Jade Pettyjohn (Summer), Aidan Miner (Lawrence), and Tony Cavalero (Dewey Finn) jamming out along with him! Don't miss more School of Rock, only on Nickelodeon!

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'Mysticons' Theme Song | Spanish Version

Listen to the Spanish version of the Mysticons opening theme song in the super video below!

Watch Mysticons on Nickelodeon and YTV!

Make sure to enter the Mysticons Valentine's Prize Pack Giveaway Contest! Sweepstakes closes Wednesday 28th February 2018!

Follow the adventure online!:, | YouTube channel | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram!

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Ring and Flag | The Earl's Quiz | Thomas & Friends

Can you answer the Earl's quiz questions? Pay attention and play along!

Catch Thomas & Friends, arriving on Nick Jr. USA in March!

Connect with Thomas & Friends Online:

Visit the Thomas and Friends WEBSITE:

Like Thomas and Friends on FACEBOOK:

Follow Thomas and Friends on TWITTER:

Follow Thomas and Friends on INSTAGRAM:

Follow Thomas and Friends on PINTEREST:

Looking for even more safe, fun, kid friendly activities and apps? Head over to and shop for Thomas & Friends engines, games, and other products at

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I Am Frankie | Baking | Nickelodeon UK

Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) and Frankie (Alex Hook) take to the school kitchen to bake some tasty treats to impress Byron Patrick (Armani Barrett).

Watch more I Am Frankie on Nickelodeon! Visit and the Nick Play app to find out more about I Am Frankie, as well as to watch more super video clips and to take the "Which Character Are You?" quiz!

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JoJo Siwa Hosts 'Blurt' Premiere Party | JoJo Siwa Vlogs

MY MOVIE PREMIER PARTY!!! My own movie Blurt! | JoJo Siwa Vlogs

Yayyyy!!!! My Movie Blurt! premiered today!! I'm so happy!!!

More Nick: Nickelodeon USA To Premiere Blurtier Version Of 'Blurt' On Friday 26th February 2018!
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Como fazer um Coque de Maçã Tutorial de cabelos - Arquivos Estilosos | Sunny Day | Nick Jr. Brasil

Let’s take another look inside Sunny Day’s Style Files! Learn how to make an adorable apple updo in this DIY hair tutorial walkthrough! With a little help, your kids can look just like Sunny from the animated cartoon series, Sunny Day! To get started, you’ll need a brush, a teasing comb, hairspray, hair elastics, hairpins, pipe cleaners, some ribbon, red hairspray, and paper towels. Then, for tips and pointers, follow along with Sunny’s hairstyling instructions to create this awesome new look that’s perfect for this time of year! Just wait — your little ones will be the most adorable apples in the apple orchard. To find more Sunny Day videos, games, and a collection of kids' songs, visit!

Mais Nick: Nickelodeon Brasil Upfront 2018 Sizzle Reel!
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L'actualité Fresh | Semaine du 19 au 25 février 2018 | Nickelodeon France

Au programme cette semaine dans Fresh : le lancement du film Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio, et de la BD Super Mimi, tome 1 : Il pleut des vaches.

Fresh, c'est LE rendez-vous de NICKELODEON qui te dit tout de l'actu et des tendances du moment ! Retrouve plein de vidéos de Fresh sur

Plus Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon Teen France To Premiere 'I Am Frankie' ('Frankie 2.0') On Monday 12th February 2018!
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Nickelodeon Italy To Premiere 'Henry Danger'/'Game Shakers' Crossover 'Danger Games' On Monday 26th February 2018 [Updated]

Henry Danger | I Game Shakers a Swellview | Nickelodeon Italia

Lo speciale "Danger Games" con i protagonisti di Henry Danger e Game Shakers arriva dal 26 febbraio alle 18:15 su Nickelodeon Italia (SKY 605).

Henry Danger | Danger Games: Trasformazione | Nickelodeon Italia

Lo speciale Danger Games, crossover tra Henry Danger e Game Shakers, arriva dal 26 febbraio alle 18:15 su Nickelodeon (SKY 605).

Di Più Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon Italy To Premiere 'Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie' On Wednesday 28th February 2018!

Originally published: Sunday, February 18, 2018.
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Viacom Launches Apprenticeship Scheme At London HQ; Rebrands 'MTV Breaks' As 'Viacom Breaks'

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has created a new 15-month paid apprenticeship scheme, which will offer four applicants the opportunity to study towards a junior content producer NVQ Level 3 qualification.

The recruitment process will start in Summer 2018 with the successful candidates being appointed in November 2018. Apprentices will have the opportunity to work across a range of departments including Milkshake!, MTV Talent and Comedy Central digital.

The company has also re-branded 'MTV Breaks' to 'Viacom Breaks' with the opportunity for around 40 successful applicants to start work in June 2018 across its entire portfolio of channels including Nickelodeon, Channel 5, MTV, and Comedy Central, earning £19,890 (GPB) for the year.

This twelve month scheme will launch on Monday 19th February 2018 and the company also hopes to fill more than 60 four-day work experience opportunities in its Hawley Crescent headquarters in Camden, North London.

More information about Viacom Breaks can be found on Viacom Talent's Break into TV website.

Good luck to everyone who applies for these fantastic opportunity's! :)

Break into TV from Viacom Talent on Vimeo.

Here's what some of Viacom Talent's current Interns had to say about their experiences:

Myth busting with Viacom BREAKS - #1 | Viacom Talent

Myth busting with Viacom BREAKS!⠀

MYTH: You won’t get paid.

TRUTH: Viacom BREAKS' apprenticeships and internships are in fact paid placements!

Myth busting with Viacom BREAKS - #2

MYTH: You have to have experience

TRUTH: Viacom's internships, apprenticeships and work experience opportunities are there to help you to get your break!

Myth busting with Viacom BREAKS - #3

MYTH: “I’ll just be making tea”

TRUTH: There’s no constant tea-making, from the get-go you’re an integral part of the team⠀

More VIMN: See also: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia 2017 | Viacom Talent!

Originally published: Friday, February 16, 2018.

Original source: DTG.
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Nickelodeon Latin America To Premiere New Episodes Of 'Kally's Mashup' From Monday 5th March 2018 [Update]

Kally´s Mashup | Nuevos Episodios | Lunes 5 de Marzo @ 7pm! | Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

Más Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America & Mediapro Partner For New eSports-Themed Scripted Series 'N00Bees'!

Originally published: Friday, February 16, 2018.
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Lip Sync Battle Shorties | 'Disco Gym/Boot Camp/Cupcake Island' Trailer | Nickelodeon USA [Added Sneak Peek]

In the next brand-new episode of Lip Sync Battle Shorties, three talented Shorties take viewers to the disco gym, a fun boot camp and to Cupcake Island as they sync it up to songs by Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and DNCE! Tune into the all-new LSBS episode "Disco Gym/Boot Camp/Cupcake Island" (#101), premiering Friday 23rd February 2018 at 7:30pm ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA!

Find out more information about the Lip Sync Battle Shorties, as well as watch clips from the series at and on the Nick App!

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Originally published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018.
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Nickelodeon's 'Nella The Princess Knight' Receives Nomination In The 2018 NAMIC Vision Awards

The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) has announced the fantastic news that Nickelodeon's popular animated preschool series Nella the Princess Knight has been nominated for the best Children's program in the 2018 NAMIC Vision Awards!

In a kingdom far away where there lives a... Princess Knight! Nickelodeon's popular preschool series, Nella the Princess Knight, follows Nella, an unconventional 8-year-old who possesses the royal qualities of a princess, like compassion and grace, while also embodying the courage and determination of a brave knight. Whenever a problem arises, Nella embarks on daring quests to save her kingdom through her unique ability to transform from a princess into Nella the Princess Knight.

Nella is a confident 8-year-old princess who likes dancing at extravagant balls just as much as she likes meeting fire-breathing dragons. She transcends traditional roles and expectations through her ability to transform into Nella the Princess Knight, protecting her kingdom with the help of her friends: Trinket, Nella's glamorous unicorn and best friend; Sir Garrett, a loyal and adventurous knight; and Clod, Garrett's trusty steed.

Nella the Princess Knight (40 half-hour episodes) features a social-emotional curriculum promoting self-confidence, inclusiveness and compassion for others.

Nella the Princess Knight is created by Christine Ricci (curriculum advisor, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Dora the Explorer, with Robert Vargas (head writer, Zack and Quack) serving as an executive producer on the series. It is the newest show to join Nick's top-ranked preschool roster, airing alongside hit series like PAW Patrol, Rusty Rivets, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Shimmer and Shine.

More information about Nella the Princess Knight, as well as short video clips, full episodes and games, can be found on and

Now on its 25th year, the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications' annual NAMIC Vision Awards recognize original programming that is reflective of the lives, spirit and contributions of people of color that best reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the viewing audience.

The NAMIC Vision Awards extends eligibility to national, network owned and operated, and affiliates of broadcast networks; national and regional cable networks; local origination programs from cable operators; first-run original program syndicators; and VOD content produced for digital
platforms. Entries were judged by a distinguished panel of entertainment industry executives. Judging is based on overall imagery (creative merit, originality, and presentation quality), sensitivity (the consideration given to cultural nuances), writing (the depiction of issues relevant to people of color) and the quality of acting in the performance categories.

You can find a full list of 2018 NAMIC Vision Awards nominees, which were announced on Wednesday 21st February 2018, here on

Winners of the 2018 NAMIC Vision Awards will be recognized on Tuesday 3rd April 2018 as part of The Multicultural TV Summit, an event
exploring the business of targeting segments for TV and video. For more information on the Multicultural Summit visit

Good luck to Nickelodeon and everyone involved with the production of Nella the Princess Knight! :)

NAMIC (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) is the premier organization focusing on cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in the communications industry. More than 3,500 professionals belong to a network of 18 chapters nationwide. Through initiatives that target leadership development, advocacy and empowerment, NAMIC collaborates with industry partners to grow and nurture a workforce that reflects the cultural richness of the populations served. Please visit for more information about NAMIC and its many opportunities.

H/T: Broadcasting & Cable.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel | 'Game Plan' Sneak Peeks | Nickelodeon USA [Added New Sneak Peek]

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode "Game Plan" on Saturday, February 24, 2018, the official Power Rangers YouTube Channel has unveiled a fantastic sneak peek preview from the all-new PRSNS episode, which you can watch in the super video clip below!:

In the brand-new Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode "Game Plan" (#805), a new game craze has taken over Summer Cove High, including the Power Rangers! But there's more to the cute game goblin than meets the eye...

Update (2/21): To further celebrate the debut of the brand-new Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode "Game Plan" on 2/24, Nickelodeon USA has unveiled a second sneak-peek from the all-new episode, which you can watch here on and on the Nick App! In Nick's super sneak-peek, titled "Game Goblin", everyone is distracted in class while playing Game Goblin until they are caught...

Missed any episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel? Catch up now at and on the Nick App!

Connect with Power Rangers:
Web -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

More Nick: Saban Brands Announces Power Rangers’ 26th Season, 'Power Rangers Beast Morphers'!

Originally published: Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks | Pranking Simon | 'Curiosity' Sneak Peek | Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks season three episode "Curiosity"/"House Pest" (#309) on Saturday 24th February 2018 at 11:00am ET/PT, Nick USA has unveiled a super sneak peek preview from the all-new episode, which you can watch in the fantastic video clip here on and on the Nick App!

In the all-new ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks episode "Curiosity", Alvin gets a taste of his own medicine when he pulls one too many practical jokes on Simon! Then, in "House Pest", after termites infest Miss Croner's home, she moves in with the chipmunks and drives everyone crazy! In Nick's fantastic sneak peek, "Pranking Simon", Theodore takes Simon's side when Alvin pranks him yet again!

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Nickelodeon UK Brings Fans Behind-the-Scenes of Max and Harvey’s Tour

Grab your backstage pass!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland's The Scoop brought fans behind-the-scenes of Max and Harvey's (Nick Star Squad) tour with their latest Instagram video! In the video, which will make you want to see the totally talented twins live more than ever, the boys chatted about their best fan experiences of the day - including one big fan who bought the duo a Dora the Explorer doll - which songs they like playing the most and more!

While Harvey’s go-to is “Despacito” by Justin Bieber, Max can’t get enough of “Nothing Holdin Be Back” by Shawn Mendes. Get all the inside deets below:

More Nick: Nickelodeon's SLIMEFEST Returns To Blackpool This October | Nickelodeon UK!

Original source: TigerBeat.
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